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let's get this party started

well, it looks like we have a few more members now, so let's go ahead and start posting stuff!
go ahead and introduce yourselves and make friends.

i don't know how i feel about the goat. does everyone like the goat? any preferences at all? yes? no? maybe?

ok, so i'm working on this blanket for my brother and i'm pretty sure it'll take me a couple years. i have a pattern all worked up for it and i think it'll look pretty good. i'm using three colors. when i started it, i didn't want to knit individual squares, so i just started knitting all the colors together. well, after about the second row, i was sick of cutting the yarn and tying it together every time i changed colors, so i played around with it and figured out that i could use that twisty color-change technique she talks about in snb for the alien shadow scarf and, so far, it's actually working pretty well. so i was proud of myself for figuring that out =)
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