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Stitch 'n' Bitch Texas

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2nd Annual Jayne Hat Knit-a-Thon [12 Aug 2009|08:02am]


Austin Browncoat's 2nd Annual Jayne Hat Knit-a-Thon will be held during Dragon*Con this year from September 4th-7th.  Our own Ma Cobb, Claudia, knit an impressive 12 Jayne hats during last year's Knit-a-Thon, raising $1000 in pledges benefiting The Kids Need to Read Foundation (KNTR).  She's at it again at Dragon*Con 2009!  Claudia will be knitting during all hours of the con this year, and pledges can be made either at the Austin Browncoats booth or via the Knit-a-Thon website, http://www.austinbrowncoats.com/Jaynehats.  In addition to pledging at the site, you can keep up to date with Claudia's progress with daily photos and progress logs.  Join us in cheering Claudia on and see just “how many Jayne hats can be knit at Dragon*Con?”  All proceeds will benefit KNTR.
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Wanted: Crafty Volunteers for Browncoat Awesomeness! [09 Aug 2009|10:26am]


Want to use that innate artistic ability you know you possess to do charity work? We know you do! Austin Browncoats are in need of knitters and individuals to paint Kaylee parasols.  This just might be the creative, charity outlet you're seeking.


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[23 Jan 2007|02:39pm]

Hi! Just started knitting...and Im in Waco...gonna see about finding a local knitting club here too...but I think its always good to have a few places to bounce ideas off of, and get help.
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Hello [15 Sep 2006|10:22pm]

Hi, all. My name is Eve and I live in Frisco (near Dallas). I've been knitting off and on for a number of years, but am completely new to this whole LJ thing. I pretty much alternate between nights spent at my computer and nights spent with my knitting.
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intro and stuff [28 Mar 2006|09:42am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey all, I'm Marianne. I'm from Arlington and I'm a knitter (wow, if that wasn't an AA intro...). HereCollapse ) are some pix of the last progect that I finished. This is my son just after Christmas.
I am notorious for starting progects, not so much with the finishing of them.

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yoroshiku [26 Mar 2006|09:09pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hallo! i'm jumping on the bandwagon of introductions. i'm sera. ^^ i notoriously knit scarves, scarves, and nothing but scarves. currently work on a scarf for my dentist. and i lost it, so i need to find it again.

so. . yah. there it is. ^^

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Introduction? [26 Mar 2006|01:01pm]

Hey everyone! I'm Veronica... and I'm rather new to knitting. I learned the basics when I was in junior high, but didn't actually start making things until I'd come to college.

As it is, I'm only working on scarves. They're simple and really good to do while watching movies since they don't require much concentration ;) But I'd love to start on this lovely shawl I found the pattern for... It's a bit complex and I'm having problems with it, but I can post it if anyone wants to see it.

And that's all I've got for now.. next!
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let's get this party started [26 Mar 2006|07:49am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

well, it looks like we have a few more members now, so let's go ahead and start posting stuff!
go ahead and introduce yourselves and make friends.

i don't know how i feel about the goat. does everyone like the goat? any preferences at all? yes? no? maybe?

ok, so i'm working on this blanket for my brother and i'm pretty sure it'll take me a couple years. i have a pattern all worked up for it and i think it'll look pretty good. i'm using three colors. when i started it, i didn't want to knit individual squares, so i just started knitting all the colors together. well, after about the second row, i was sick of cutting the yarn and tying it together every time i changed colors, so i played around with it and figured out that i could use that twisty color-change technique she talks about in snb for the alien shadow scarf and, so far, it's actually working pretty well. so i was proud of myself for figuring that out =)

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hi! [26 Mar 2006|06:02am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

time for a real post, says i!

ok, to start, i'll introduce myself. my name's koala, and i learned to knit about a year ago. i was reluctant at first, but now, i'm a yarn addict. seriously, i love yarn almost as much as i love books. almost. i haven't knitted anything more elaborate than a pillow, but i feel confident in my knitting skills. so if anybody has any questions, i'll help as much as i can. hopefully, more people will join and we'll have a nice little community =D

anyway, i have water in my ears and my hands feel like lizards, so i'm going to go take care of that.

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test post [25 Mar 2006|12:20pm]

just wanted to see what the colors look like
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