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Slip Stitch, Knit

Bind Off

Stitch 'n' Bitch Texas
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I noticed that there are very few Stitch 'n' Bitch LJ communities. Actually, I think there were only two. So! I'm starting the Texas chapter. If you'll notice, I've added a few cities to the interest list. If you want me to add your city when you join, let me know. I'm hoping lots of people from all over Texas will join and be very generous with patterns and help, but also I'd like people to be able to show off their finished projects. Crochet is welcome too, but I know very little about it, so I probably won't be leading any discussions about it. >.>
Also, I've noticed an alarming lack of cool things to knit for boys. Anyone who is brave enough to tackle the challange of providing knitty patterns for boy clothes is more than welcome!
Have fun and be creative!